Orton-Gillingham: The Gold Standard

Our work is rooted in evidence. OG is not a program but a flexible instructional approach that can be used for both general education and intervention.

Science of Reading


OGCC is focused on accelerating the “Science of Reading” movement. We are champions for all students, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status.

Jennie Moore Elementary OG Implementation Project

The Purpose of the JME OG Project is to implement the key components of a scalable literacy program based on the Science of Reading (using Orton-Gillingham) while collecting data to show the effectiveness of this approach and pilot.

Over the next three years, all K-3 classrooms at JME will transition to using Orton-Gillingham as the primary literacy instruction in coordination with small group intervention. The progress will be tracked through data and feedback.


Professional Development

Providing the foundation for understanding and the why behind the science will allow a teacher to take any program or curriculum and successfully implement it with high-quality, effective instruction for all students.

In the fall of 2023, OGCC funded professional development training for all teachers at JME. Teachers participated in a dyslexia simulation, stepping into the shoes of a struggling reader.

Teacher Testimonials