In 2018, the Orton-Gillingham Center of Charleston (OGCC) was founded to serve as a convener in the community to transform literacy instruction. From 2018-2020, OGCC partnered with OGA Fellows to begin cohorts of training in the Lowcountry which created a ripple in public, private, and charter schools. OGCC also developed an onsite OG support center for a small independent school and operated it for five years. In the Spring of 2023, OGCC made the strategic decision to transition this program over to the school to spend more time focusing on making Orton-Gillingham accessible to ALL students.

OGCC intends to be the Science of Reading funding organization in South Carolina so that families, teachers, Principals, and school districts can benefit from philanthropic contributions leveraged by OG experts.

The OGCC Board of Directors

is made up of passionate community leaders on a quest to educate teachers, administrators, and parents about the Science of Reading and the Orton-Gillingham Approach. At this time, the OGCC board is highly engaged in carrying out all fund development, stewardship, and advocacy work.

OGCC is aligned with OGA

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