“Orton-Gillingham isn’t a curriculum but rather an approach so it will integrate with any reading curriculum our school district adopts. It gives teachers the background knowledge to teach reading to any student using any science of reading based program.”

testimonial 10

“I have been a teacher since 1992.  When I went to college to study Early Childhood and Elementary Education, I was taught the Whole Language Approach for reading.  Surround kids with books and they will learn to read and love to read.  I taught for several years and then went on to get my Masters in Education, where I was taught to teach balanced literacy and the 3-cueing method for teaching reading.  All I can say is that the OG training was mind-blowing.  Why did I not know all of this as a teacher?? Why hadn’t I learned this when obtaining my undergrad and masters degree in teaching!   No wonder I did not know how to help my struggling readers.”

testimonial 9

“I have been a second-grade teacher in Charleston County School District for twenty-two years. In January 2023, I agreed to participate in the Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator Training. It changed everything I thought I knew about how students learn to read and write and replaced it with an approach that is blowing my mind! After twenty-two years of the same-old-same-old, OG is making me feel refreshed, renewed, and more hopeful than ever that we are FINALLY on the right track toward effectively teaching our students to read and write!”

testimonial 8

“OG has given me the strategies to help my students best succeed in reading. I really love how diagnostic it is. All my students are benefitting this school year from this approach to reading. I see the progress being made that I didn’t see in years prior. I am SO thankful to the Jennie Moore Administration for bringing the opportunity of Orton Gillingham Classroom Educator training to JME and allowing me to take part in it.”

testimonial 7

“The OGCC team know children and the way they learn. Thank you for the support and guidance over the years.”

testimonial 3