“I started OG in 5th grade. It has helped me to become a better reader and a more confient student. Now i am in high school at Wando and i am so grateful to my tutor for helping me.”

testimonial 6

“My daughter was in the OG program when OGCC was located at Coastal Christian. We saw amazing progress and I am so thankful that we were able to intervene early.”

testimonial 5

“I reached out to OGCC to seek support for my struggling reader. They helped me to understand the gaps that were below the surface that our school did not seem to be able to identify. I knew in my gut there was an issue and they were able to confirm my suspicion and to help me connect with an OG tutor. I am so grateful!.”

testimonial 4

“I am so thankful for the OG practitioner recommendations provided by OGCC. It made connecting with a highly trained tutor easy and gave me peace of mind that the tutor had been vetted”

testimonial 2

“I sought support from OGCC when my daughter was struggling in elementary school. They gave her a diagnostic assessment which helped to identify the areas of weakness that the school did not seem to understand. They then helped me connect with an OG tutor which was transformational for her.”

testimonial 1